Joint strategies for future and innovation
Since more than 25 years we successfully provide expert consulting for our clients. Radical customer focus and more self-direction of the organization are two important aspects hereto. 
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Die Beratungshaltung von Praxisfeld

Consulting approach

What sets us apart

PRAXISFELD Company Brochure 2016 (PDF)

Respect for your achievement

We don’t think that we can do everything better and all managers do a bad job. Your achievement and experiences are the basis of our cooperation.

Mobilisation of your resources

We don’t present ready-made answers. But we believe that you are able to find better solutions if you work with us. We believe that these solutions are better than your individual results. We start off processes regarding self-organisation of your enterprise and deliver systemic know-how which is always up-to-date. We facilitate in a direct, straight but also reserved way so that you and your team are able to use the whole room.

View from the outside

We provide a professional point of view from the outside. We deliver input and honest feedback (as well and especially for the boss) to enable both alternatives for action and new perspectives unseen so far. Thus new forms of collaboration arise allowing the (management) team to roll out their performance.

If you don’t ask questions you’ll never know

We ask questions. We ask e.g. how does your company or organisation have to position itself in the future? We ask who has also influence in the organisation? And which behaviour has been “rewarded” in the past? How does the organisation learn? How does the boss learn? What is the organisation allowed to see and discuss and what is out of scope? In other terms we work on the system with the system.

Humility before the organisation

We are modest and a little bit humble before the immense power of the organisation. We accept that complex organisations are not really manageable but we provide the necessary tools to initiate and accelerate development. We are always astonished about the organisation’s various ways to help itself, find solutions, adapt itself and remain successful over many years.

Power of hierarchy

Regarding the collaboration with us the boss always takes the helm and makes the decisions. This is the basis of effective provisions and measures. We provide advice in this process – where it is requested. And, of course, we take into account the points of view of other hierarchy levels in this process.

The organisation and its individuals

The “brain of an organisation” is more stable, persistent and assertive than a decision of an individual person. Therefore, we focus on exact this topic the so called organisational level and we call that what we do organisational consulting. Here is the most important leverage concerning successful changes. In this process, of course, individuals and their thoughts and actions play a big role.

Appreciation and easiness

The business benefit as well as respectful support of all participants is important for us. Learning and developing comprises the following aspects. It is voluntarily, active, by using the knowledge of the organisation and last but not least – wherever possible – with humour. This creates energy and euphoric mood. Here you can continue reading about why we work this way: principles of work.