Joint strategies for future and innovation
Since more than 25 years we successfully provide expert consulting for our clients. Radical customer focus and more self-direction of the organization are two important aspects hereto. 
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Design Thinking

Systematically and with pleasure towards rapid innovation

In short: Design Thinking is innovative thinking with extreme customer orientation.

Within a moderated and structured iterative process it is central to think of services, products, strategic approaches and business models from the customer's point of view in order to create greater value. Within such a process, an attitude of openness toward the outcome with the need for solution-focused thinking plays an important role.

Design Thinking combines elements of observations, a culture of collaboration, self-organisation and creative techniques in a new method of innovation that has an increasing number of enthusiasts within the management and development of organisations.

PRAXISFELD, the systemic organisational consulting firm, employs Design Thinking in their own processes as well as within the strategic and future-oriented processes of their clients.

Design Thinking and related approaches like Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design correspond to our understanding of an innovating organization and is more than a method.

Leading principles are:

  • Building cross functional and cross-cultural teams – to overcome silos
  • Combining creativity and courage with structure – to overcome blind spots but avoid chaos
  • Taking the time for analyzing (customer) needs – to overcome (supposed) knowledge
  • Facilitating experience based processes and fast results – to avoid super duper roadmap masterplans which will be obsolete the next day
  • Using the power of collective sensemaking – to overcome the ego-maniac

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